This 13 Year Old Starts Shaking From Nerves, Then She Makes Crowd Erupt With Just One High Note

About This Video:

Angelina Green, the 13 year old has done it. “Here I am and here I stand”, she sings to the crowd gathered at America’s got Talent 2017. The little teenager is on nerves as she begins her song. It is going to make or break her future, as a singer. Full of apprehension and tension about the outcome of her song, she embarks on her big dream. ‘Here I am and here I stand’, to decide my position in America’s got Talent’, she sings the song with great feeling.

As she steps onstage, Angelina knows it is her big day. She is out there to impress America and to win the judges with her song, her voice and with her all. You can feel the apprehension in her voice as she starts off. The judges know, ‘It never takes too long”, to know true talent. She tries to concentrate on the song she is singing. Putting her full heart into the words, she just continues. She closes her eyes to concentrate on her words. Every note counts. She calms herself, to let her voice take command over the situation.

Standing in the center of the stage, she knows that she has to give her all. ‘Gravity’ by Sara Bareilles is the song, Angelina has chosen. Will she be able to draw the applause of the judges and America, with her Gravity? She sings the song softly, the nervousness showing in her tone. Then comes the true singer in Angelina Grace, as she goes on, lending the right emotion to her tone.

Has she done it? She can hear the applause through her song. She eyes the crowd. They are roaring with appreciation. Comforted and encouraged by the applause, she just views the crowd and goes back to her song and the words.

Just at the right time, she gets the real feel of the song, as she goes on the very high note that has always been her strength. She gives it all and the applause is terrifying. Yes! She has done it. The audience just applauds together. She gives the crowd another glimpse and goes on with the feel of the song with her arms outstretched.

You can see her concentrate as she pulls herself together. The tension is shown through her taught eyes and drawn eyebrows. She just croons to the music and the feel of the song. She can feel her communication with the audience with her song and she connects with them as she hears the applause.

As she continues, she can hear the pin-drop silence in the crowd towards the end. The applause heard through the silence is great. She confidently moves on with the success of her song. Her croons just give the right touch to the song. ‘It never takes too long’ to get the audience give her a standing ovation. The judges rise up to their feet, to show their appreciation lilted out by the 13 year old.

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