Why Is This Pony Dancing To Fleetwood Mac? The Answer Will Most Likely Surprise You

About This Video:

Some things are just out of this world. There is that moment that arises whenever you look at something amazing and unrealistic. The feeling makes you feel as if you are in a trance. It’s like you’ve gone into a world of your own, your own personal wonderland.

If you have ever experienced that kind of feeling, then you should be prepared because you are about to experience it again. And I’m very sure about this because I personally just did. When I first looked at this video, I was overly perplexed. Why was this? It’s because I was looking at something I’d never seen before. I was just amazing and it had me extremely awestruck, I just couldn’t believe my own eyes. For the first time in my life, I was looking at a dancing pony. Yes! A pony was dancing in the video and from the way I see it, it was really rocking that dance floor, such an amazing sight.

Instantly, I knew that a scene as good as this deserves a mention because there are some things that are just too amazing to ignore. We’d be doing a lot of injustice to this pony if we let his skill go unnoticed because it’s such an amazing skill.

If Fleetwood Mac were still around, I think they would have taken this cool Pony as part of their team after taking notice of this amazing skill. And the song that the pony was dancing to is also on fleek, it was Fleetwood Mac’s everywhere which was rated as one of their best songs to date. Nevertheless, whatever the song, I can safely say that ‘Dancy’ the Pony’s amazing dance moves are way out of this world. I’ll have to go for some lessons myself. Happy Watching!

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